When you think of gears, think of us

About us

  • World class production facility
  • A stringent Quality management system
  • Strong regulatory standards

Our Production Capabilities

  • Wide range of hobs and gear shapper cutters
  • Various Gear Hobbing, Milling and Bevel Generators
  • Itatian Hobbing Machines
  • Fellows and TOS Gears shappers

Quality Standards

  • Regularly updated Production process
  • Strict process control through all phases of production.
  • Designed to boost efficiency & enhance productivity.

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Projects 2012

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We Have For This year:

PEW can provide you with a valuable knowledge base to enhance your designs, assure precise specifications, and deliver superior performance.

Why us

Geared for Success...

No wonder then, our industrial gears are already a name to reckon with and find application in a wide variety of industries like sugar, Cement, Steel, Paper, Chemicals, Transport, Irrigation, Agriculture, etc., to name a few.

Our penchant for incredible ideas coupled with our unflinching commitment to delivering Quality Industrial Gears has seen us grow by leaps and bounds, in a relatively short span of time. It is with this same commitment that we are marching confidently towards our avowed goal of attaining undisputed leadership, in this highly dynamic and competitive industry.